Angela Fairman

“Since starting with this programme every aspect of payroll has been made so much easier. I don’t think there could be a more straightforward package out there and am absolutely delighted with it in every way. Our Company got it in readiness for RTI and that has been first class getting started with RTI with…

Arvind Patel

“This is a fantastic, easy to use product which is always kept up to date. I have been using this program for several years now and it has cost me nothing because I was able to take advantage of the governments incentive to claim back £850 if you filed online early which i did. I…

Sara Whistance

“I bought the software licence with trepidation as I have done manual payroll for many years. Last year I created my own P11 spreadsheet as I was unable to obtain paper ones from HMRC and it would have cost the earth to have minute ones I could download enlarged to a usable size. With all…

Barbara Graham

“Have now been using this program for a year and have found it very easy to use and very reliable. Have not had to use the support – as yet!!!! But assume it would be as reliable as the rest of the program.”

Rhonda Philip

“I recently changed over to Payroll manager after using a [other payroll software] for several years. Payroll manager is a fantastic program obviously designed with the user in mind. It is simple to use yet sophisticated in it’s approach to payroll and produces meaningful reports. I have on several occasions needed to phone the helpline,…

Catherine Reeves

“I just have to say how much I love Payroll Manager 100. I use it as an agent and have several clients. It is so easy to use and straight forward. I have used [3 other major payroll software products] and have been very frustrated using them. Before RTI came in I liked how you…

David Lindsay

“I continue to be highly satisfied with this product. On the few occasions I need to telephone for assistance, I am treated with courtesy and my query is quickly dealt with.”

Bev Rolfe

“Over many years I have used various Payroll programs but have been using this one for some considerable time. It is simple to use and very ‘self-explanatory’. RTI is right on course and easy to submit via the software. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to anyone – indeed I already have on…

Cliff West

“Moneysoft Payroll Manager has to be the easiest to use Payroll System out there – the programme covers everything required for Payroll and more. The updates are absolutely straightforward to install. I cannot rate this programme more highly. I speak from experience as a former user of [2 other payroll software] systems.”

Jackie Siddy

“Having used one of the larger company’s payroll software in the past, Payroll Manager is a much friendlier and more straightforward programme to use. I do not hesitate in recommending this software to other people. The transition to RTI has been seamless. Well done to the team for producing a very well thought out programme.”