Suggestion for Annual Payroll Scheme

Hi, I would like to request an option to process payroll annually if this is something that could be looked into and perhaps added at a future date. Previous software used had this feature but do not see it available since switching to Payroll Manager in the new tax year.

Good software

I have used Payroll manager for over 20 years. It is very easy to understand, friendly appearance, helpful support, fast and instant response to email query, after care is also wonderful. No regrets at all. Always happy till they have had geogrophical telephone support available

Fantastic Service

Excellent service from Richard Carey today. Richard was very patient and his expertise helped me to resolve a stressful problem I very much appreciated all the help given which resolved my problem I was then able to access previous tax year files to obtain information required for the accountant Thank you so much Richard, you…

Great product & Service

I have brought Payroll Manager for many years now & as a bookkeeper for many clients I come across many other payroll programmes & by far this one is the most cost-effective & straightforward to use . Putting that aside the thing that has impressed me of late is the support. I email, they reply…

Great software and support

Not only a great piece of software but the support I’ve received in the last 4 years has been absolutely brilliant. Telephone and e-mail support gives you almost an immediate answer to any queries that aren’t already answered on their FAQ Would highly recommend.

Excellent software!

We are lucky to have used Payroll Manager, which has saved us a lot of time and effort to manage our accounts. Our previous software was bloated and inflexible and caused a great deal of frustration for our management and staff alike. In contrast Payroll Manager is easy to use and versatile!

Easy to Use

As a payroll staff, I have found the Payroll Manager one of the best in the business. It is easy to use and doesn’t have a steep learning curve that normally comes with other softwares. Its was easy to teach my staff our practices in using it, and it has definitely saved my company an…

We are very satisfied with

We are very satisfied with the excellent program that fulfils all our payroll needs seamlessly for our team. Moneysoft has proven to be a reliable and helpful partner and even our clients appreciate the wonderful service.

We have used Moneysoft payroll

We have used Moneysoft payroll software to process and submit our client’s CIS returns for the last 3 years and would highly recommend Moneysoft to anyone looking for a payroll and CIS software provider. Using Moneysoft has made processing our client’s CIS returns and producing statements very quick and easy. It is reassuring to know…