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We greatly value feedback from our users as this helps us to develop our software to be as comprehensive and easy to use as possible. If you would like to let us know about your experiences with our software then please leave us a testimonial.

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Here are some of the recent testimonials we have received from users of our Payroll Manager software.

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We are lucky to have used Payroll Manager, which has saved us a lot of time and effort to manage our accounts. Our previous software was bloated and inflexible and caused a great deal of frustration for our management and staff alike. In contrast Payroll Manager is easy to use and versatile!

Don Powell

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Harry Coleman


As a payroll staff, I have found the Payroll Manager one of the best in the business. It is easy to use and doesn’t have a steep learning curve that normally comes with other softwares. Its was easy to teach my staff our practices in using it, and it has definitely saved my company an inordinate amount of time and money. Thank you.

Cherie McMann

We are very satisfied with the excellent program that fulfils all our payroll needs seamlessly for our team. Moneysoft has proven to be a reliable and helpful partner and even our clients appreciate the wonderful service.

Isaac Peters

We have used Moneysoft payroll software to process and submit our client’s CIS returns for the last 3 years and would highly recommend Moneysoft to anyone looking for a payroll and CIS software provider. Using Moneysoft has made processing our client’s CIS returns and producing statements very quick and easy.

It is reassuring to know the general help and user manual are just a click away, however the layout and automatic prompts mean we rarely need to refer to these. Moneysoft are always looking to enhance their software and provide regular updates with a supporting newsletter explaining what is new. They welcome customer feedback and their online support is covered by a dedicated customer service team.

Joanne Bell, Bells Accountants

Joanne Bell

I have been using Moneysoft for over a year now, I can honestly say this is the best package I have used, I started looking into new payroll programmes after Sage priced themselves out of the market for small companies.
As far as my company is concerned the Moneysoft payroll gives me everything I need for the companies that I support and I am very glad that I found them. I recommend the product to the accountants I work with and my clients that wish to prepare the payroll themselves and all have found it runs smoothly.
THANKYOU moneysoft.

Joyce Jones

Before retiring I looked for a good agent payroll. after using the free months offer I found it I had used over many others. Gives than the usual plus much more. I used this package for over 14 years and recommended it to many of my clients who loved it too.

Susan Elizabeth Leonard
Trikats Payroll Bureau

I have used payroll manager for a number of years and found it to be excellent and easy to use, The help desk being local is a plus and any query’s are sorted very quickly.
The price is a major factor in the purchase and in this case cheap is good and the functions needed to run a good payroll are present.
I have recommended the payroll package to other business’s that have asked me what I use and how I found using it.

Billy Pearce

Thank you for your services.

John Martini

Ultimate Proofreader

John Martini

I have used various packages over the last 35 years and in 2003 decided to start my own business and downloaded Payroll Manager to find a fault as it looked to good to be true. On the contrary I found it did what I needed and substantially more than I expected. It helped me to keep my prices so low that my clients do not me to retire this tax year 2016/17

Would and have recommended over the years, best on the market I believe and excellent on price.
I advise to try this package and see what I mean.

Susan Leonard
Trikats Payroll Bureau
“Excellent program, fills the need of our payroll bureau with no problems so far, not even one. Dealt with RTI first time without hiccups. I have tried a number of programs in the past and wasted a lot of money. Been with Moneysoft now for about 5yrs and my only regret is that I didn’t discover them earlier. Can’t praise them enough!!.”
Tom Smith
“I started looking into new payroll programmes after Sage priced themselves out of the market for small companies. I was very nervous but after a bit of research I came across the Moneysoft payroll. A revelation, its much easier to use than [other payroll software] (once you get used to it) and the one time I needed to call the helpline I found them incredibly helpful. As far as my company is concerned the Moneysoft payroll gives me everything I need for the companies that I support and I am very glad that I found them :-).”
Samantha Beaumont-Terry
“The RTI transition went very smoothly – well done for making it so straight forward !.”
Robert McCann
Director, Clothworkers Arms Limited
“The best software I have ever used (and I have used a lot!). I do payroll for some 50 odd companies and it is made easy by Payroll Manager. Whenever, I have had a query, the help facility always answers it. I have had hardly any need to use the Phone helpline. I have recommended Payroll Manager to many clients (small businesses) and, even though some of them are not very computer literate and also not familiar with payroll calculations, they all manage to use Payroll Manager with ease..”
Ian Dalzell
Director, Ian Dalzell Chartered Accountants
“I am completely happy with this application. It is very easy to use and gives me confidence to deal with all the areas of payroll that can lead to errors from SMP and SSP to attachment of earnings and RTI. On the rare occasions I have had any queries the Moneysoft team have been friendly and helpful. In addition it provides excellent value for money and enables me to run payrolls for four small businesses. I would recommend this payroll programme unreservedly.”
Gill Phillips
“I am so glad I found Moneysoft payroll. It is very easy to use, the reports are great and I would recommend the software to anyone.”
Alison Davies
Payroll Manager, Arcadia Accounting
“I administer the business from Australia and Payroll Manager has made my life a breeze. It allows me to conform to all the latest processes from the HMRC with a minimum of fuss. Love it.”
Kay Williams
“I was submitting returns on line for one employee for several years (groan). No previous experience! Now weekly returns! Oh! Groan, groan! Considered an accountant annual cost £350.00. Clucking Bell! However one accountant did say you need moneysoft. Got PM 20 on trial mid March. Honestly within two hours I had put in all the details plus the whole of the year 2012/13 and sent the end of year returns off printed all the forms for the employee’s and our records. All for £67 quid a year. Just the thing for the small business’s or a church or charity with no experience. What can I say except “Bl**dy Brilliant!!!” The staff are as well!.”
John Arnold
Treasurer/Steward/Trustee, Totnes Methodist Church
“Jenni my Accountant from JKAB (JK Accountancy & Bookkeeping) first introduced me to Moneysoft Payroll Manager. I have already thanked her for transforming my life and would now like thank Moneysoft in the same way. I have used a rival product for many years and grew tired of the repeated annual fees just to move and upgrade the program to the next Payroll year. We are a small family run business with just 6 employees. In the last few months we have had a staff member claim SSP and currently she is on Maternity Leave. I have no expertise in Payroll or the rules for SSP & SMP and probably like everybody else I was dreading the prospect of RTI submissions. Our very pregnant staff member naturally wanted to know exactly what payments she would be entitled to and started researching the subject and telling me what she expected to receive. I looked Maternity leave in the Moneysoft help pages and was amazed that based on expected birth dates and maternity leave start dates I could produce for her a full report stating exactly how much she would be paid and for how long the higher rates etc would apply. What a god send. Thank you for saving me so much time on every aspect of running my weekly Payroll and filing my P35 & RTI submissions, printing my weekly payslips, P60’s and P45’s on plain paper. Monthly payments due to HMRC net of SMP reliefs are a breeze. Especially after we have stopped paying staff in cash and now pay them via BACS. It is not really possible to calculate just how much time I have saved on Payroll activities as much of that time is time wasted trying to correct errors made previously. However, I know with Moneysoft mistakes just won’t be made in the first place and that for the first time ever my staff now have a proper contract of employment and we have a signed copies on file. The ‘To Do’ list item of many years ‘Employment Contracts’ has now finally been crossed out. Thankyou Jenni and thankyou Moneysoft for making a complex subject laden with legislation very easy and simple to manage and giving me more time to manage my own business.”
Chris Buitenhuis
“If you are reading this because you are thinking about changing your payroll program, don’t hesitate any further… I wished I had done it sooner! This company was recommended to me and after a little research I decided to make the change (from [other payroll software]) in February. As with all new programs, there is a learning curve but whenever I have had an issue their online support has been patient and efficient, giving clear and concise support. As a bureau I process many payrolls each month, I sailed through the year end and into the new PAYE RTI system without any issues. It is quick & easy to use and the email facility (to email reports and payslips) is brilliant. It is also good value too! Thank you, Moneysoft.”
“I cannot praise Moneysoft enough for their excellent Payroll Manager. We run both weekly and monthly payrolls and to put it simply – it works! No fuss, nothing too complicated, unlike so many other programs it is really designed with the end user in mind. Even on the odd occassion I have had a question we get an email reponse back promptly. Anyone saying they have found the RTI implementation a problem hasn’t been using Payroll Manager! Apart from clicking a button to send it I honestly haven’t had to do anything else. As if that isn’t enough it is great value too!.”
Robert Markham
“I can’t speak highly enough of this programme. It was recommended to me by my accountant a few years and has saved me many hours of tedious paperwork. It is simple, straight-forward and so user-friendly. My end-of-year returns now take seconds some day in April rather than a dreaded panic every May 19th evening! I have told others of it and their opinions are similar. If you are at the consideration stage at least try the trial version for a while. You won’t be disappointed.”
Mark Seager
Partner, The Willow Vet Clinic
“Switched from [other payroll software] as it got too expensive & very complicated to use. I wish I’d switched a long time ago. Payroll Manager is well priced and very easy to use.”
Maureen Jessup
Payroll Manager, Business Solutions
“This software is brilliant. It does exactly what it says on the tin! What’s incredibly amazing, is how cost effective it is. For a VERY reasonable price, you don’t have to worry about updates, either to the software or legislation as Moneysoft keep you completely up to date. Anyone not using this software already either must never have heard of it, or must be mad. The CIS link is also particularly useful. I’ve already recommended this software to lots of clients and colleagues and will continue to recommend it. Well done Moneysoft!.”
Annamarie Angell
“Since starting with this programme every aspect of payroll has been made so much easier. I don’t think there could be a more straightforward package out there and am absolutely delighted with it in every way. Our Company got it in readiness for RTI and that has been first class getting started with RTI with no problems whatsoever. I would recommend this to anyone.”
Angela Fairman
“This is a fantastic, easy to use product which is always kept up to date. I have been using this program for several years now and it has cost me nothing because I was able to take advantage of the governments incentive to claim back £850 if you filed online early which i did. I have never had any problems with HMRC concerning PAYE issues as the software does everything very accurately and effectively. I have recommend this program to several colleagues who are well impressed with the product. It is also very, very good value for money. Try the product – you will not be disappointed.”
Arvind patel
Pharmacist Owner, East Goscote Pharmacy
“I bought the software licence with trepidation as I have done manual payroll for many years. Last year I created my own P11 spreadsheet as I was unable to obtain paper ones from HMRC and it would have cost the earth to have minute ones I could download enlarged to a usable size. With all the changes within HMRC I researched lots of payroll software and opted for Moneysoft’s Payroll Manager because it looked easier and more user friendly than all the others and at a very reasonable price. I am now in my third month of using the software and have easily worked my way around it. It’s fool proof, extremely clever (it worked out some SMP in an instant), intuitive to use and, I’m sure better than the others!! Well done Moneysoft.”
Sara Whistance
“Have now been using this program for a year and have found it very easy to use and very reliable. Have not had to use the support – as yet!!!! But assume it would be as reliable as the rest of the program.”
Barbara Graham
“I recently changed over to Payroll manager after using a [other payroll software] for several years. Payroll manager is a fantastic program obviously designed with the user in mind. It is simple to use yet sophisticated in it’s approach to payroll and produces meaningful reports. I have on several occasions needed to phone the helpline, joy of joys, I was put through to a human being immediately (every time) who understood me and my needs. You have restored my faith in British customer service, which overall, sadly lacks in many aspects of our country. British businesses take note, Moneysoft is how it should be done.”
Rhonda Philip
“I just have to say how much I love Payroll Manager 100. I use it as an agent and have several clients. It is so easy to use and straight forward. I have used [3 other major payroll software products] and have been very frustrated using them. Before RTI came in I liked how you could alter a previous month, which you can not do on the other software programs. You can still change data but with RTI it’s probably not a good idea. Being able to enter all the months to the year end to see how much Tax and NI will be paid for the year is a great feature that you don’t get on other packages. It is so easy to produce any report, even those relating to previous tax years. Entering data is so easy. The Calender is so easy to enter sicknesses, holidays, etc. I have had some real headaches with [other payroll software products]. I have always recommended Moneysoft to my friends, who have their own businesses, because of how easy it is to use and because it is not an extortionate price. Software updates are a breeze. I have never had any problems with an update or using the software. I would highly recommend Moneysoft Payroll Manager.”
Catherine Reeves
“I continue to be highly satisfied with this product. On the few occasions I need to telephone for assistance, I am treated with courtesy and my query is quickly dealt with.”
David Lindsay
Sole Practitioner, Lindsay & Co
“Over many years I have used various Payroll programs but have been using this one for some considerable time. It is simple to use and very ‘self-explanatory’. RTI is right on course and easy to submit via the software. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to anyone – indeed I already have on several occasions. It is relatively cheap and a dream to use.”
Bev Rolfe
“Moneysoft Payroll Manager has to be the easiest to use Payroll System out there – the programme covers everything required for Payroll and more. The updates are absolutely straightforward to install. I cannot rate this programme more highly. I speak from experience as a former user of [2 other payroll software] systems.”
Cliff West
Proprietor, Castle VAT & Payroll Bureau
“Having used one of the larger company’s payroll software in the past, Payroll Manager is a much friendlier and more straightforward programme to use. I do not hesitate in recommending this software to other people. The transition to RTI has been seamless. Well done to the team for producing a very well thought out programme.”
Jackie Siddy
Proprietor, Accounting Services
“For many years I have used [other payroll software] which had always been very good but in the last few years it has fallen behind the times and become increasingly expensive for what it was. A colleague had recommended Payroll Manager and I have been most impressed with its many aspects, reports etc. I have recommended it to a number of colleagues and clients and they have been equally impressed with it, even those with very limited knowledge of payroll as it is very simple to use.”
Andrea Green
Director, Waters Edge Accounting Ltd
“I’ve been using Moneysoft’s Payroll Manager for many years. It has a very good interface, is easy to use and can be quick and uncomplicated. In the rare event of needing telephone support this has also been of a good, sound quality. Although I’ve never used any other payroll software, I doubt they’d be as good as this for the price.”
Matthew Hayes
Director, M.G.H Restaurants Ltd
“I have used Payroll Manager for several years now and it has never let me down. Updates and Year End are a doddle, and it’s far easier to use than [other payroll software] and the like. Anyone that needs a Payroll package should have a look and trial this software. Information from prior years is stored and can be seen easily by logging into the year. All round perfect product.”
Ellen Ley
Admin, Alexander G. Ley & Son
“What took me so long to find this product! now found, it is the only Payroll system I need, simple in use, clear information on hand to all my Payroll needs. Excellent product, fantastic back up service, just feel a bit stupid having used other systems for so long. Thank you for making the Payroll side to my company, fast, simple and easy. I will continue to use your system, even my Accountant is happy! now that is a rare thing.”
Kevin Hill
Owner, F1 Hair & Beauty Ltd
“Well designed very easy to use and understand.”
Stuart Abbey
Partner, Royalty Motor Services
“Excellent software, simple to use, easy to navigate, no training needed.I only have 4 employees and up until last year I had used HMRC’s Basic payroll. Free I know, however when it came to year ends it was out with the calculator and lots of scribbles on paper, even though I have not completed a year yet, I can already see how simple it will be, touch a button here touch a button there and upload to HMRC. Seemples!! Would thoroughly recommend.”
Brian Richmond
“At First glance I thought that I would have problems as I had been so used to the HMRC’s own program. I had a couple of queries to start with but a quick phone call, and a very pleasant chap at the other end, and all queries were solved. To use a phrase from another Company “SIMPLES””
John Maddocks
Proprietor, JMBookkeeping & Payroll Services
“I have used a few different payroll packages since 1990 and I have to say that this is the most straightforward and uncomplicated software package I have ever used, it is simple and very clear, the support is excellent and I will recommend it to all my accounting friends as it was kindly recommended to me.”
Sally Orrin
Accounting Technician, Accounting Services
“I am into my seventh year using this payroll programme. It is very user friendly and is simple and easy to use. I recommend this to all my small business owner’s who have payroll needs due to the fact that it covers everything a PAYE system should do and more – the ‘at a glance holiday/sickness/absent schedule for each employee’ has proved very popular with my clients – no more faffing with diaries! Monthly and Year End reports are excellent – clear and concise. Regular updates keep the user bang up to date with all necessary changes – the change over to RTI was seamless. Thank you moneysoft for making my job easier!”
Julie Bellamy
“I run a payroll bureau and I have used Payroll Manager for 18 months now and just wish I had found it years ago it would have saved me a lot of hassle and a lot of money. I started using it for new clients alongside my previous payroll program but it soon became very clear that it was far superior and at the start of the 2013/2014 tax year I moved all my clients to Payroll Manager. It is easy to use and understand and the reporting facilities are excellent, it has everything you could possibly ask for, and more, and if you do have a problem a quick telephone call to a very courteous and helpful support team will soon have you back on track. The transition to RTI was simple and straightforward and the help facility has answers to almost every possible question that may arise. To have all my payroll requirements in one program without having to buy add ons for this and add ons for that makes life so much easier. I cannot praise it highly enough!”
Paul Callaghan
“What an altogether brilliant program, everything you might need to run a payroll successfully. Updates are regular to comply with HMRC. In the three years I have used this program I have only had to call the help line once and the problem was sorted there and then. Another bonus the price so CHEAP in comparison to lesser programs Moneysoft keep up the excellent work .”
Frances Ames
Payroll Manager, DPKBV Ltd
“We transferred to Moneysoft from [other payroll software] on the recommendation of more than one other company. This was the best idea ever, as not only is Moneysoft considerably cheaper than [other payroll software], but it also does everything – and more – than it’s more expensive cousin. The move into RTI was completely painless as Moneysoft kept us up to speed at every turn. Their support is brilliant, either by email or on the telephone. This software is everything I want for our legion of payrolls. I am more than 100% happy with the product.”
Marion Slipper
“Having used different payroll programs over the past 30 years we started using Moneysoft payroll in 2008, and found it so adaptable to our needs, especially the multi company component, that we wondered why we ever bothered with any other program. We recommend Moneysoft to all our clients without hesitation for its ease of use and flexibility. It is also a wonderful tool for Financial modelling, to plot future costs of payroll at a glance.”
David Beaumont
Principal, David Beaumont Limited
“I am really pleased with Payroll Manager. It has taken away the slog of doing weekly payroll by hand and all of the worries regarding the year end tax returns. On the few times I have had to contact the support team I have found them extremely helpful and understanding.”
Susan Archer
“I have used Moneysoft for many years now and only see continued improvements each year with the updating of the programs being quick, accurate and easy to use. RTI has been made very easy for operators. Overall excellent, simple to use programs and excellent back up if and when when required, I wouldn’t even consider any other program.”
Phill Thomas
Proprietor, Phill Thomas Accountants & Payroll Bureau
“This product was recommended to me and I can only give praise for the product and telephone service (and price). It has taken me just few hours to set-up 22 employees mid year and I only needed two simple questions answered, both times I rang I got through to a human being immediately (no press this button for this or that and clearly a UK call center!) and they answered my query there and then. I’m feeling really rather smug with myself and saved myself hundreds of pounds in accountants fees! Love it”
Sarah Redpath
“We are a small business and I had never used payroll software before. I looked around the internet for the best options for submitting RTI and luckily came across Moneysoft. It has been the easiest package to use, incredibly straightforward and made my life so much easier! I now e-mail all the payslips each week. The amount of information the package offers is excellent. If I have any queries the phone support is immediate. I would not hesitate to recommend this package. It is very good value.”
Morag Bell
“Having once had a very bad year-end experience with another payroll provider I switched to Moneysoft Payroll several years ago. Moneysoft is brilliant – the programme is easy to use, great value for money and has dealt with all the legislative changes and normal up-dates without a moment’s problem.”
Steve Townsend
Director, Logical Business Answers Ltd
“A great program for a small business with just one employee. Very simple to put in salary details for the year, and just click the RTI button each month to submit. The ability to “round” the salary to a set amount each month means a standing order can be set to pay salary rather than tweaking the amount each month.”
Andy Henson
Director, Zexia Ltd
“Everyone should buy this if they have a small business. I love it and recommend it to everyone starting up a business who doesn’t want to know about payroll and wants to let the guys at Moneysoft do the leg work. Incredible value for money, with features you don’t expect for the price and great telephone service – the big guys should be following your lead!”
Kate Upcraft
“We have used Moneysoft Programmes for nearly 10 years. They are a delight to use, the support is ALWAYS helpful even to non-techies!! The regular updates are easy to install and RTI was straightforward. Well done and thank you.”
Chris Collier
“I had very little experience of payroll until I started in my new role in November. Previously my employer had operated a manual payroll system. As I am relatively familiar with general office software I was keen to move towards a software based payroll system and with RTI pending I was set to research a possible solution. We started with a one month free trial of Payroll Manager and I quickly found it to be quite intuitive, easily helping to fill the gaps in my own payroll knowledge. We went ‘live’ with the software in April 2013 to coincide with RTI. It’s ‘user defined additions’ function allowed for all the various commission and expense payments including taxable and non-taxable payments and was very easy to set up. Payslips are now produced in a fraction of the time and are more professional including all the key features as well as holidays taken and days remaining and even birthday messages. PAYE and RTI worked immediately without a hitch and report analysis is excellent. When I have had questions, the staff at Moneysoft have been very helpful and have quickly been able to resolve my queries. A good, cost effective solution to payroll. I have no hesitation in recommending it to any prospective new user.”
Administrator, Mayflower Transport Ltd
“Excellent software, very easy to navigate with comprehensive user support. Would thoroughly recommend.”
Ros Huggins
“I have used various payroll systems over the years but none are as close to perfect as this one is. I would (and have) always recommended it to other people.”
Anita Shipley
“I started my own practice about 4 years ago and started with the usual payroll bureau software – I switched to payroll manager after less than a year and I could not believe the difference! It is very user friendly whilst being much more flexible than my existing software. It made my job so much easier and more efficient – I can now do in 2 minutes what used to take nearer 10 minutes. I cannot praise the program enough. I have also been happy to recommend it to clients for their own use in house – one was very reluctant to leave their current software but was amazed after she ran just one payroll run and did not hesitate to switch both companies payroll across.”
Kathy Small
“Made the changeover to RTI filing simple, well worth the cost of the package”
Lesley Neil
Partner, LN Associates
“Over a number of years I have used several Payroll packages when working in industry including the “so called” market leaders. I was introduced to Payroll Manager by a colleague who swore by one of the packages that I was then using but said he felt Payroll Manager (which was less expensive) would work just as well. Both he and I bought the package and were immediately impressed with how user friendly it was. When it came to using Payroll Manager for the year end procedures I was a little apprehensive in view of some of the problems encountered with previous software. I was very impressed with the Payroll Manager year end procedure and would say that it is by far the best software I have ever used and would recommend it to anyone.”
Ray Walton
Proprietor, Waldorf Business Services
“We commenced with Payroll Manager this year from the free HMRC payroll system. From the onset of using Payroll Manager it has been simple and easy to use, help is at hand immediately to guide you through, although the notes are easy to follow. I would certainly recommend this system to all and sundry. Even slight hiccups are easily rectified and accepted by HMRC. This is a system we could not have done without. Well done Payroll Manager.”
Pat Henry
Admin Assistant, Y Farchnad Fach Ltd
“We’re a small payroll bureau and have been using Payroll Manager 100 for nearly 10 years. Proof if any were needed that the program meets our needs, especially in areas of its flexibility, simplicity of use and cost. I would like to see some development in the area of pension contributions processing however, especially with the introduction of automated pensions legislation looming for small payrolls.”
Please see Auto Enrolment for the latest developments in this area – Moneysoft Support
Rupert White
“Easy to follow, simple to use and an excellent back up service.”
Paul Layte
Secretary, Maltby Catholic Club
I have used 3 other payroll systems & Moneysoft is straight forward reliable & easy to use. All the others made such a big deal about RTI & tried to frighten you to pay for seminars & were just out to make money from it. They are now trying to do the same about the pensions. Moneysoft gives you the facts in an easy to understand manner & they are not trying to frighten you or make you spend money unnecessarily. The only thing I have found is, if you need to phone them, they can be a bit abrupt, as if you should know the answer.””
Thank you for your kind comments, we have noted your comments regarding telephone support and will endeavour to make improvements in this area – Moneysoft Support
Mrs M Garbutt
Holywell Tea Chalet Ltd
“I’ve been using Payroll Manager for six months now. We’re a small company and do our own payroll. Payroll Manager is easy to use, comprehensive and reliable. We looked at a number of different payroll applications. Payroll Manager came out on top. It has a much lighter footprint than some payroll applications and doesn’t interfere with other office and accounting applications on our pc; easy to learn and great value for money.”
Martin Davis
“I have been using this system since 2004 and I absolutely love it. I had previously used a dos based system, another which I can’t now remember the name of and [other payroll software], none of which compare to Moneysoft in simplicity of use or adaptability. There is nothing I have needed that this system cannot give me and it’s all so simple to apply. Technical support, if you can’t find what you want in the ‘Help’ menu, is on the end of a phone line, where you immediately speak to a friendly person, whom can be easily understood and they have always answered and solved any problem then and there, without making me feel like an idiot or a nuisance. It feels like you are speaking to someone next to you in the office. Moneysoft was recommended to me by an accountant and I have since recommended it to any Payroll user I can. Brilliant Moneysoft”
Judy Webb
Payroll Manager
“We used [other payroll software] for a number of years and decided to use Payroll Manager some 5 years ago purely on cost. The difference was incredible, good value and easy to use with good technical help [not that it is often required]. I have now converted a number of my business associates to Payroll Manager and never had a complaint yet. Keep up the good work Payroll Manager Team.”
Donald Firth
“We have been using Moneysoft for our payroll software for several years now, having chosen them over a variety of other providers in the market. We opted for Payroll Manager 100 as we run a group of companies with separate payrolls and this fitted our criteria. They seemed to be by far the most cost-effective around and more importantly, the software itself is simple to use, even if you aren’t an experienced payroll specialist. I have only had cause to use the helpline on a couple of occasions, and I believe this is because the help function within the software is so good at explaining how everything works. Even when I did call, my queries were answered instantly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Moneysoft payroll software to anyone, and do in fact recommend them to anyone who asks me who we use.”
Caroline Burns
“Excellent and very user friendly programme, I have used this for a number of years and am still convinced you won’t find better. On the odd occasion I have needed to contact the company the help has always been excellent”
Gill Rivans
“I have been a client and used payroll manager for quite a few businesses since about 2001. After initial set up I find this quick and easy to use and really would recommend this to anyone needed a good reliable software system. I might add that I have rarely needed customer service (only twice) and have had excellent service, they helped when I had a printer error too!”
Pamela Dunn
“In the past I have used [other payroll software], these software products are ok for medium to large companies but not too good for small businesses. I run a Payroll Agency for small businesses and I changed to Payroll Manager 100 three years ago. I have been very happy with my choice, it is a user friendly software and I will keep using it for as long as I have to.”
Pamela Saint Mart
“Not having any experience with running a payroll, when my company decided to run their own I really didn’t know where to start, as price was a major factor in deciding which software to buy I came across Moneysoft through a Google search. For a novice like me, it has been a godsend, it’s simple to use and understand and when I had a problem with my RTI files all it took was a simple email and the problem was sorted in record time.”
Julie Ferguson
Office Manager, Document Solutions (UK) Ltd.
“Finding that this software is great to use and also straight forward to teach people how to do their own Payroll within their business and not to be frightened or put off by the demands of RTI as Payroll Manager makes the process of submitting returns no more than a few clicks on the screens as you work your way through each step. Spreading the word around the Highlands of Scotland and across to the Western Isles! Well done to all involved in developing and maintaining Payroll Manager”
Ken Houston
Bookkeeping Service, Ken Houston
“This is by far the best payroll program on the market.”
Anthony Swindells
Director, Haussman Management Services
“An accountant colleague recommended this, and after the initial period of getting used to it, I absolutely love it. It is easy to use, intuitive, accurate, and a dream to use. I do payrolls for my clients and it no longer takes hours of time and effort. I really enjoy using it.”
Persephone Booth
Accountant, Persephone C Booth
“Excellent product. After many years of using the HMRC payroll software and with RTI looming, I looked around for a suitable package. This package does everything I need and more, and is easy to use. I would definitely recommend it.”
Chris Hearne
Payroll Administrator
“I have used your software for many years and recommended it to several companies. I would also like to comment on the CIS part of the package as this is so easy to use and enables us to produce all the necessary documentation and smoothly links into on-line reporting to HMRC.”
Janet Ridley
Payroll Bureau, Ridley & Hicks
“I have been using this software for over 2 years and feel it is one of the best payroll programs out there. The software is easy to navigate and understand and the user guides are very informative and helpful should you need them. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a professional yet cost effective payroll system for their business or clients.”
Ann-Marie Kelly
“This payroll is a dream. It’s quick, simple and easy to use and my only regret is that I was not aware of it until the introduction of RTI. It fulfils all the requirements of HMRC and is so moderately priced that no small company should be without it. After many years in business I have nothing but admiration for the guys who put this together. Well done and many thanks.”
Eric Radcliffe
Bookkeeper, Pymgate House Rest Home
“I was using a different, very well known, wages programme, but found it expensive and not very user friendly. My accountant recommended Moneysoft and I am so pleased he did. Suddenly I had an affordable, for a small business, and, more importantly, easy to use payroll programme. I cannot praise it enough. It is so easy to use, updates are prompt and the odd time I have had to telephone Moneysoft they have always been very helpful, fortunately the programme is almost idiot proof so I have not had to ring them too much. Would certainly recommend this programme for anyone who has wages to do but is not an accountant or payroll expert. I am sure it is just as good for experts too!”
Clare Proctor
Proprietor, Earl Grey Tea Rooms
“I took on the Moneysoft Payroll Program years ago and from the first day of using it I have never looked back – It beats the supposedly top payroll program that I was using hands down. It is inexpensive, very easy to use and if you are unsure about anything just contact the help desk and they will guide you through whatever you need to know. I would and do recommend it to everyone.”
Alan Beedham
“I purchased Payroll Manager 100 nearly two years ago after research on the internet. I have been very happy with it. It is easy to use and the switch to RTI was seamless. I use another well known payroll software at a couple of my clients but think Payroll Manager offers much better value for money and will be recommending that they switch at the end of the tax year.”
Helen Garrett
Director, HG Accounting Solutions
“We have to prepare many clients weekly and monthly payrolls including CIS and need a package which is easy to use , reliable and accurate . It fits our every need and I have recommended it to many other businesses.”
Ken Pritchard
“Your program is a dream compared to the one I previously used – totally intuitive, fast, simple and RTI goes in a flash – if only other software was as good it would make my life easy – well done Moneysoft”
Mike Richards
Owner, Cooper Richards
“We have been using this payroll software for many years now. The helpline is always informative, even when sometimes you think your question is daft. The introduction of RTI went extremely smoothly and any worries were quickly dealt with. I would recommend this system to any small – medium business. In fact I already have.”
Carol Clarke
Administration Manager, Georgesons Car Sales
“Your Moneysoft payroll is wonderful, even I can understand it.”
Valerie Hayes
D'Arcy Saddley Ltd
“We are a firm of Chartered Accountants and over the years have used just about every type of payroll software and in our opinion Payroll Manager is by far the best for our clients and our needs. We regularly recommend the software to clients and use the software for our clients payroll. The software is so flexible (which is such an important feature of good payroll software) and covers all the various unusual payment types associated with payroll and of course its very cost effective. Although we rarely need to call support when we do the expertise offered is superb and timely, no long waiting times before your call is answered. So I whole heartedly recommend this software for use by FD’s accountants and clients”
David Allman
Managing Director, Phoenix Consultancy Limited
“I have processed payrolls for 4 small businesses over the past 12 months, I have found the system easy to use, I have received regular updates, and have called the help desk and received a quick response. I would recommend this payroll software company to you, it is simple to use and understand, and is very fast to process on a weekly basis, with accurate reports at your finger tips. Thank you.”
Nicola Bibby
Agent, W B Caterers
“I have been using this program for about 18 months now and have nothing but praise for it. Having used “other software” for as long as I can remember doing payroll I was put off by the price for my bureau software. Nervously I searched the web and hit on this program and I can seriously say it knocks “other software” into touch for simplicity. Whatever you try to do – do the obvious thing first and you will find its the right choice. With this success under my belt and deciding to take an employed job as Company Accountant I recommended the software to the company who were delighted with it last year and have just renewed the licence. I am now looking at the accounts package as once again the “other software” providers are pricing themselves out of the market for self employed book-keepers. Thank you Moneysoft for a great program.”
Barbara Southall
Owner, Profiles Accounts Service
“This is a seriously good piece of software, backed up by the best technical support I have encountered by a provider. I recommend this software to all of my clients.”
Dan Pedder
“Simples – No cons (like you cannot upgrade this version etc.) One annual payment for unlimited companies!! Updates smooth – No errors – Helpline great – but we never need it! I love these guys!!”
Jack Stokes
Partner, Fison Way Esso
“Having used “other software” for many years I was very nervous about changing systems but was getting more & more frustrated at the cost of the “other software”. Have just completed my first payroll run on Moneysoft & it was easy (I am not a wiz on computers either so if I can do it anyone can). The screens are so easy to use as they work in a similar way to programmes we are already used to. It is well worth giving this system a go.”
Lynn Roberts
“The annual licence fee on the payroll package I had been using for 10 years kept increasing every year and finally this year became a ridiculous price so I had to change. I gave myself plenty of time to set up the six companies I “do” and familiarise, calculating pay on my current software and then again on Moneysoft. This avoided phone calls from employees and not having to make changes after FPS submissions! I wish I had discovered Moneysoft earlier, it’s easy to get to grips with and the manual explains it perfectly. Printing payslips on plain paper is brill as I used to spend fortune on preprinted. I also like being able to show holiday entitlement on payslips….employees are always querying holiday! All in all I’m a very happy bunny.”
Sue Bowers
Owner, Fairway Business Services
“Love it, very easy to manage and understand how it works, wish all software was similar to Moneysoft Payroll Manager.”
Faisal Anod
“I have used this software for several years, and it is the most straightforward, trouble free payroll software that I have ever used. I had a technical question recently and the support team made it very simple for me to solve the issue. Being great value for money is almost incidental!!”
Gillian Hunter
Accountant, J H Accountancy Services
“I have been using Moneysoft as multi user for my various clients for 15 years. There is always someone on the end of the phone to help and there is no hidden costs. You are informed of updates straight away and the on line service to the HRMC is so easy to set up. Well done Moneysoft for giving a no nonsense service in this day and age.”
Dawn Baker
Bookkeeper, Chaddleworth Admin Services
“I have used Moneysoft for over a year now and love it! It’s so simple to use, very reasonably priced and knocks “other payroll software” into a cocked hat….I just had to phone the helpline for the first time, and received a very quick response to my query which sorted out the problem in a trice.I have recommended Moneysoft payroll software to clients and received nothing but grateful thanks.”
Lorna Fellows
“One of the easiest and most cost effective payroll software systems I have used and the support is second to none.”
Paul Jefferies
“Having used a major payroll software provider for 15 years previous to switching over to Moneysoft, I was very impressed with the simplicity of it all , the layout is very easy to understand and I find a wider range of printouts available. My only regret is that I didn’t switch many years earlier and saved myself a fortune!”
Craig Swanick
Accounts & Payroll Manager, Sean Jennings Building Contractors Ltd
For many years, I have used the “major software provider” but the support costs were becoming silly, especially as my payrolls were only small. I am so glad that I found Moneysoft – it is such an easy system to use, so many reports that are easy to print off and making an RTI return submission is simple – never have I had a problem putting them through. The telephone support system is brilliant and I too wish I had found your software sooner!””
Pat Jasiewicz
Manager, Shoebox Bookkeeping
“Would highly recommend. Easy to use and on the few occasions I’ve had to contact customer service to ask for advice they have have been brilliant.”
Sandy Carter
“We were fed up with the rising cost of “other payroll software” and started looking around for a cheaper alternative. We discovered Moneysoft whist browsing online and could not believe the price and the content of this package. We have phoned the help line a few times to see the speed and usefulness of the support. On every occasion they answered the phone very quickly and were able to answer our queries. We have been using Payroll Manager 100 for 3 months and it has made a big difference to our business, we definitely recommend it.”
Stan Griffiths
Partner, S & J Griffiths
“Excellet product. We use big brand software for other accounting services in our practice. But for payroll, there is no better product than Payroll Manager. We have been using it for nearly 10 years without any problems.”
Baljinder Singh Panesar
“I have used “other payroll software” and the HMRC’s own, after research online I gave Moneysoft a trial in 2009 and haven’t looked back. It is simply brilliant and so user friendly. If on the rare occasion you need help it’s only a phone call/email away. They respond promptly and always resolve the problem. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”
Kate Russell
Proprietor, J K Russell Accountancy Services
“This is my third year of using. Excellent. Very easy to use and value for money. Holds all latest HMRC information. Deals with Pllds without any hassle and having to pay extra for facility. First class product. Thoroughly recommend.”
Mrs Sue Cass
Proprietor, Small Business Accounting
“Excellent software, top marks for usability and flexibility!”
L. Davis
“Having used other payroll systems over a period of years, and tested various others, we are really pleased to have moved to Payroll Manager. It’s easy to use and set up. The help sections are easy to understand and very comprehensive. The telephone and email support is super fast. The software is very stable. One of the key functions we required was holiday accumulation based on hours worked. This is easy to set-up and works really well. An additional benefit is the ability to round weekly wages to the nearest pound. I would recommend this software to any pub landlord. Did I mention the excellent price….”
Robert Anderson
Bradford Arms Pub
“I have used this software for a number of years and am constantly impressed by how easy and self-explanatory it is to use. The help files are thorough and descriptive, and in the rare event they do not explain the information I am looking for I am always able to have my queries answered by phone or email. I would recommend this software to anyone who is looking to start running their own payroll.”
Sarah Hammond
Pinnacle Bookkeeping
“Have used Payroll 100 for over 2 years. Very easy to operate and quick. Only used the helpline once as it is so simple to operate.”
Trevor Lloyd
“Have been using this software for years and have recommended to several companies who have taken it on and agree its user friendly. Its simple to use and works out all payments etc required for our payroll including RTI submissions “
“Moneysoft Payroll Manager 100 is an amazing product – it is very straight forward and simple to use, extremely reliable and covers every aspect of payroll and so much more. I am constantly impressed by the different extra features- this week I’ve discovered the Contracts of Employment! I have used many different packages over the years and can honestly say “This is by far the Best” – plus the online, email and telephone support is superb….. Highly recommended…”
Carolyn Baker
I just wanted to let you know that of all the payroll programs I have used – your program is the very best. It is easy to set up and operate. I have used it now for many years and I have recommended it to all our clients.I am so pleased to hear that you are developing it to assist with the pensions Auto Enrolment requirements. Well done.””
Elaine Hodgson
Accountant, A-Z Accounting Solutions Ltd
“I was introduced to Moneysoft Payroll by another user, who I see provided you with an earlier testimonial. Great software, easy and quick to use, which has dealt with all my RTI concerns, and is brilliant value for money. Well done.”
Iain Gordon
“Fit for purpose, easy to use and not expensive, VG.”
Ken Meikle
Finance Manager, Barnes Mordant
“We have been using Payroll Manager for over 10 years for our small and micro employers. I love it, my staff love it, it just works, unlike many of the so called market leaders where you can waste away your time calling their support desks for one reason or another. Simple reporting, simple data entry, although I would add you still require payroll knowledge to make sure all the correct information is added and tick boxes applied – it’s not completely fool proof! The sign of a good payroll package in my book now is one that has little or no requirement for a support desk and that’s Payroll Manager. Keep up the good work and lets see where Auto Enrolment takes us next…”
Hayley Whitten
“This is the most user friendly system I have used. Support is also very quick and applicable.”
“I recently installed Payroll Manager on my new laptop. Everything appeared to be working fine until I tried to print the payslips and I got an error message. Having tried without success to solve the problem myself, I checked your website and discovered that you offer free telephone support which I hadn’t realised before (not that I’ve needed it previously). So I called the number which was answered immediately by a very helpful operator, who talked me through the settings and resolved the problem within a few minutes. Fantastic service. Thank you very much.”
Evelyn Stewart
“I was introduced to your PAYE software some years ago and I can’t believe how I managed before. It is so simple yet most affective. Also I spoke with you recently re my worries about the workplace pension for under 50 employees, and you advised me to look on your site and read the article on this subject. I found this article very helpful and it put my fears to rest on how it all will work. I can not speak highly enough about your company.”
Mike Mulcahy
“Well What Can I Say…………… I have used this software for 3 years having converted from “other software”. The staff are so helpful and talk you through any problems. The resubmission of RTI’s is a god send when clients change their payroll figures at the last minute. Looking forward to the Auto Enrolment addition. Great Company, Great Service.”
Lisa Griffin
“I really love your Payroll software and have recommended it to many clients especially those currently using “other payroll software” as it is so much easier to understand.”
Caroline Tucker
Director, CAT Accounts Ltd
“We moved to this product from another one just over a year ago and it is much better. It is straightforward to use and the support desk is very helpful, even when I ask questions that no doubt they hear every day! If you are thinking about buying this product then I recommend it.”
Michael Cartwright
“Having previously spent £1700 per year on support fees, I changed provider! I tested a few and settled on Moneysoft. All my clients love the reports they get for management control and I love the simplicity, the confidence that it complies with HMRC all the way and the positive quick response on the support team. Its easy. Thank you to all at Moneysoft.”
Pauline Wilson
Client Accountant, Business & Office Solutions
“Just renewed for another year, a truly wonderful software tool, easy to use, help section is actually helpful, takes all the headaches out of running the payroll. The choice of printouts is excellent and retrospective files, if needed, are there to peruse at leisure. Well done Moneysoft!”
Jeremy Hughes
Director, A.C. Hughes Ltd
“I have previously used other Payroll Software and converted very quickly to Payroll Manager 100, when I heard about it and realised how easy it was to use. I have used Payroll Manager for over 5 years now and highly recommend it. I have never needed to use the support service, as it is so easy to use.”
Sarah Dykes
“Payroll Manager is a great product and reasonably priced. Forget using the HMRC own payroll tools and take up Payroll Manager like we did. You won’t look back.”
T Wilkinson
“We have used a major payroll company for over 15 years and decided that this year we would look to see what other payroll packages were available. Moneysoft was the one we decided on would recommend this to anyone small or large. We have over 100 payrolls to deal with, it was easy to transfer details over from old package. It is a lot cheaper than our old payroll provider. Staff on queries we had were very helpful. Program very easy to use.”
T Wilkinson
“We are an accountancy firm operating payrolls from one-person companies to business with more than 140 employees. Moneysoft payroll is by far the most user-friendly system we’ve come across in 30 years of practice. It is easy to operate, easy to keep our clients compliant, and therefore highly cost-effective. Many thanks”
Richard Price
Principal, Cole Prince & Co
“We changed to Payroll Manager in May this year after using “other software” for many, many years. It was a bit challenging at first, getting used to a different way of inputting data, selecting the reports that were most useful for our system and generally getting to know the programme. However, a couple of months down the line I would like you to know how impressed I am with this payroll package, it is simple and straightforward to use, the reports (and their options) are great, the RTI procedure is fool-proof and the CIS and Pension modules are an added bonus – all for a very reasonable cost. Weekly payroll is no longer the chore that it was – so please pass on my thanks to your team for producing such an excellent piece of software.”
Julia Kenyon
“When our previous payroll software supplier advised that they could not come up with a programme to cope with RTI I looked around for a new supplier. I am so please that I selected Moneysoft. Payroll Manager has been easy to set up and operate. RTI works a treat even with the end of year reports. I have had the odd time when the update did not run first time but I think this was to do with conflicting programmes on my PC. I would certainly recommend Payroll Manager.”
Andrew Morison
Managing Director, Morison and Miller Engineering Ltd
“Payroll Manager is brilliant, its easy to use,a very comprehensive software for payroll, allowing RTI submissions, CIS returns and CIS offset reporting all through the one program. The reports are simple, straightforward and clear. This all combines to make life so much easier for anyone running a payroll. The helpline is straight through to someone who knows the software. If you are thinking about it, go for it!!! You will not be disappointed.”
Bookkeeper, Insight Bookkeeping
“We have been using this payroll software since 2009 on the recommendation of another firm of Accountants with whom we have close links. We had used several other payroll programmes but this is by far the best we have used. The only issue we have is that the payroll does not allow for single annual payments allowed to Directors. We find that issues or queries are dealt with efficiently and quickly by the Moneysoft staff so will be staying with this payroll for the foreseeable future.”
Penny Cole
Payroll & Book-Keeping Manager, The Chiltern Partnership Ltd
“Changed to this software earlier this year and wish I had known about it years ago. Much easier to use than previous payroll and help is prompt. So far I am impressed with the ease of use.”
Helen Eckles
Office Manager, Thelveton Estate
“Comprehensive yet easy to use payroll software. I use it for all my clients and never have a problem. Updates are quick and simple to do and compliant with all regulations and legislation. I have been using it for over ten years and never had a problem unlike previous software I used before finding this treasure. Well done Moneysoft, you do a wonderful job and so may it continue. I would recommend 100% to anyone considering Payroll Manager.”
Roz Roberts
“Changed from “other payroll software” 2 years ago & am saving quite a bit of money. We are able to use it for 2 companies which is even better value. Any questions I’ve had have been answered effectively & within a reasonable time frame. I’ve had no problems using it & it’s very user friendly & does what it says on the tin.”
D Bradley
“I am normally not one for writing reviews but I felt it necessary to share my experience of this particular software. Since installing the Payroll Manager software for my business I have saved hundreds of pounds. I was forever chasing my accountant over errors and changes to do with my PAYE which cost me both in money and in time. This software is truly your bestfriend when it comes to taking pressure off yourself and saving yourself unnecessary penalties. Thanks to Payroll Manager I have more time and money to spend within my business. The system automatically updates to the most current legislations and continuously reminds and prompts for submission required. The support team are as equally fantastic … so patient and so understanding. Who ever purchases this software will not be disappointed. Thank you Payroll Manager and a big thank you to the developers and the support team.”
Maria Jan
Business Owner, Maria Foods
“KCA has been using this software for over 3 years now and we are confident in saying that this package meets all your payroll needs and beyond. The latest developments in auto-enrolment are also fantastic with a simple step by step guide ensuring your set up is as smooth as possible. If I ever have any problems, I can give the hotline a ring and the issue is always resolved swiftly by the same individual (seems to be the main developer as he seems to know everything without the noise of keyboard being clicked away in the background!!) each and every time!!. Highly recommended.”
T Hussain
“Needed help on setting up e-mail. Rang the telephone number on the support page and was answered: * first time! * by a human being! * who knew his stuff! I am impressed Thank you”
Steve Edwards
” I have been using Payroll Manager for my business for about 7 years now. I have found it easy to use and I have never found an application (no matter how obscure) that it has not been able to handle. I run payroll for over 50 companies and it certainly makes my life easier. I would recommend your products to anyone.”
Lynne Gauntlett
“I have just completed my first payroll including pension contributions to NEST. As always Payroll Manager has made this process so easy to complete, following the clear instructions included in the program. What a relief! Thank you Moneysoft. You make my job a pleasure.”
Chrissy White
Farm Secretary

“Oh my days! I really wish I had found this software before! … I was using a system that was so expensive in comparison, being hassled by them to buy further add ins to comply with auto pension regulations, and it was not the easiest system … now I have Payroll Manager, payroll is actually a joy! It is so easy to use and complies … Love Love Love it … and so does my boss £??’s better off and a happy manager :-)”

Jo Locke
W4S Dental Care
“Used various payroll programs and the simplicity of this program while offering every service needed and more makes this stand out from the crowd. If you have never done payroll this program hand held guides and telephone support if needed is great. If currently running payroll it is worth the time to transfer, payroll in halve the time. All the above with the added bonus of company generic health & safety policies, employment contracts etc Brilliant”
Peter Potts
Manager, Premier Bus & Coach Ltd
“Finding Payroll Manager has made running the payroll for our clients so much easier! The software has been well built and is so easy to use that anyone can use it! I wouldn’t dream of switching to another software provider and am so impressed with it! Keep up the good work!”
Lauren house
Director, DH Accounting
“Just want to offer a huge thank you to the superb software support team at Moneysoft payroll manager. What a team of professionals!! The auto enrolment process has gone so smoothly only thanks to their expertise and the software just gets better each year. Keep up your excellent work and please know that as accountants we value your software and especially the support team beyond measure.”
David Allman
Principal, Phoenix Consultancy Limited

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