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We greatly value feedback from our users as this helps us to develop our software to be as comprehensive and easy to use as possible. If you would like to let us know about your experiences with our software then please leave us a testimonial.

Here are some of the recent testimonials we have received from users of our Money Manager software: Click to see Payroll Manager Testimonials.

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Having used MM for 20 years it has always performed. I retired a number of years ago but still have to maintain my old records, so actually haven’t needed to upgrade from MM7. However, I had a software problem this morning and called Mark who kindly put me back on track within moments. That’s what you call service – a touch of excellence in this fast and furious modern world!

Dennis Frank Allum
The Financial Health Bureau

I have used various from of money manager for years, i was worried that the VAT MTD would be complicated but your program worked perfectly, Thanks

James Dorse
J H Dorse

this is great software. Highly recommended

Matt Kay

Thank you for a good and appreciated service.

Ultimate Proofreader

Thumbs up for money manager! Works well and is totally efficient and easy to pick up. Highly recommended.

Jasmine Chong
“I have been using Money Manager for several years now from the disc based version to the new upgrade for Windows 7. I find it is one of the best on the market for ease of use and the many utilities that came with it. I have tried other accounts packages but most are far too complicated for me being in my late 70’s and not technically minded. I would recommend Money Manager to anyone needing a home accounts package.”¬†
Jack Barker

“I have used this program since at least 1986, and have successfully upgraded it whenever I have upgraded my computer – starting with an Amstrad 256 – now using a 64 bit Dell. It is extremely user friendly – more so now that I am in my seventies – and it keeps my accounts meticulously. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Irene Scott

“I first started using Money Manager PC under the old DOS Operating System many years ago. Since getting Windows 7 I had been looking for a compatible replacement of the software to do my personal finances, as I had been unable to locate the updated version of Money Manager. Purely by accident my son found the Moneysoft website and I realised I had found what I was looking for. I have to say that I have tried a number of personal finance software packages over the years and I always come back to Money Manager. It is by far the best and easiest to use package on the market. A bit of advice for Moneysoft would be to raise their profile as I am sure there must be other potential customers out there who would also like to upgrade from old systems.”

Mike Rawle

“What a joy it was many years ago when I changed to Moneysoft products. The value of the software and the speed of data entry left nothing to be desired, and the bonus was the quick and free advice when needed. I, too, have been recommending Moneysoft to everyone I meet who needs to keep accounts.”

Janet James

“I have used Money Manager since 1988. Managing my financial affairs couldn’t be easier and I know just where I stand. Thanks to MM the production of my tax return is the work of minutes, I wouldn’t be without it.”

Peter Johnson

“I’ve been using your program for years now, initially for my printing business, which closed in 2000, and latterly for my private accounts. I also use it for two clubs which I belong to / run. Very pleased with the program. It’s proved most useful, easy to use, and I can extract all sorts of data without problems. It’s a good ‘un!.”

Chris Wilson

“I have used this programme for well over 15 years. Initially it was used for school accounts when I was a head teacher. It was also and still is used to allow me to handle my home accounts. I find it to be the most efficient piece of software I have ever used. It allows me to make allocations to various accounts and to keep track of them efficiently. It is so easy to see how much money has gone over a year to various headings e.g. petrol! My final comment is that I cannot understand how people who do not use Money Manager are able to handle their accounts efficiently.”

Kan Milne

“I too have used Money Manager since the early 90’s and compared with other software it’s very simple to use. I am now 74 years old and even in these spartan times find myself in a comfort zone financially which I wasn’t in 1990. I put this down in no small part to being able to keep accurate and instantly accessible details of my current position covering every aspect of day to day expenditure and income. I would recommend Money Manager personal edition to anyone looking to take control of their life.”

Peter Faulkner

“I have used Money Manager since 1986 running it on an Amstrad from a yellow box! Thus I have full records of family expenditure ever since. Being able to assess future expenditure has enabled me to budget day to day and take the more important decisions. Can I afford to retire? By knowing the breakdown of expenditure, I could accurately re-assess rent versus mortgage, reduced car travel, children’s costs; the decision was not a wet finger in the wind. I could not run the sole-trader business I then started 10 years ago without paying accountant fees. All the facts come from Money Manager and greatly eases filling in the tax return. I am not VAT registered but if I am in future then I will have all that is necessary to make the move seamlessly.”

Gordon Goodman
Goodman Property Agency

“I run 5 different companies and have used money manager for many years. It is easy to use, very intuitive and does the job. Excellent value for the money. The new version is even better. The after sales care is first class. Keep up the good work guys.”

David Kiely

“I must confess to using it just for Personal rather than Business use. I have used moneysoft or its peredecessors for probably 12 years, so long that I can’t imagine how people without it can keep track of their finances. It is quite intuitive, practically error-free and the great thing is that you can resolve most issues from the built-in help, or on-line. On the rare occasions I have needed to call, it is so good to have the call answered by someone who can resolve the query, without being passed all around. I’d recommend this to everyone who wants to keep track of budgets and spending, easily.”

Geoff Webb
Information Governance Consultant, Webb Healthcare Governance Ltd

“Have used Money Manager for twenty years. FIrst class product and uniquely adaptable.”

John Finch

“I have been using Money Manager since I started my business in 1992. I had lost contact with the company when they moved, but when I found them on the internet I was filled with joy and tears. Because my computer was ancient and I just bought a new one and needed windows version of the program. I was panicking because my VAT return was due. But alas Moneysoft converted my files online and I had my accounts up to date. It is one of the easiest programs to use and apply to your needs. Thank you Moneysoft again.”

Dilesh Patel

“I have used this program to process clients books in my practice since it came on a floppy disk. I have also introduced it to a number of my clients who happily keep their records on it and email the file to me at the end of the year so that I can produce accounts.”

Colin Turner
Chartered Accountant, C W Turner

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