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About Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager is a comprehensive, easy to use, HMRC recognised RTI compliant payroll software package used by thousands of SME’s, agents, accountants and CIS Contractors across the UK. In the first 6 months of tax year 2022-23, more than 1.8 million RTI submissions were successfully filed through our software. Features to support Automatic Enrolment of Workplace Pensions, such as direct reporting to the government backed NEST pension scheme, come as standard in all versions.

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Amazing value

Payroll Manager costs just £86 + VAT per year for a single company, with multi company licences available from just £172 + VAT per year. There are no hidden or additional costs and all of our payroll software comes with FREE email support.

Simple and straightforward

Payroll Manager has been specifically developed to be as easy to use as possible. Data input is intuitive and straightforward with mistakes easy to edit. The main ‘Pay Details’ screen gives you a complete year’s pay history at a glance, so that you can print payslips and reports for any period, at any time. Our Payroll Software demo video gives you a quick tour of the main input screens.

Payroll Manager is always kept up to date with the latest legislation by quick, automatic updates from our website. There is a comprehensive Help system built into the payroll software, with FREE email support should you need it.

Everything you need

Payroll Manager has many features including RTI filing, Employee Payslips and Comprehensive reporting with email capability, automatic calculation of Statutory Sick (SSP), Maternity (SMP), Paternity (SPP) and Adoption (SAP) pay, Shared Parental Pay, Student Loans, Attachments of Earnings, Childcare Vouchers, Data Backup facilities and Auto Enrolment Pension reporting facilities, Employers NIC Allowance, plus much, much more.

Extra features at no extra cost

Unlike most payroll software, Payroll Manager also contains extra features for Agents & Accountants, Contractors operating the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and P11d Expenses & Benefits, ALL at no extra cost.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you need a low-cost solution for all your payroll requirements, choose the payroll software that thousands of agents, accountants and SME’s have switched to.

Features available in ALL versions of Payroll Manager

Employment Allowance
Single and multi-employer versions available
Departments for analysis etc.
Records Tax Office details
Records bank and pension fund details
Tax refund funding
Statutory pay funding
CIS deductions set-off

Monthly, weekly, 2-weekly & 4-weekly pay
Notes for each pay period
Employee History
Calendar to record absence, holidays, sickness, training etc.
Special provisions for apprentices
Employee Contact details

Hourly / daily, salaried and basic pay
Up to 20 hourly pay rates per employee
Up to 20 extra user-defined additions
Up to 20 extra user-defined deductions
Pay rounding
Net to Gross calculation
Student Loan Repayments
Attachments of earnings
Payroll Giving
Subs, advances & loans
Childcare vouchers

Built-in Tax & NIC rates for several years
Tax & NIC rate updates via the internet
Provision for Scottish Tax Rates
Week 1/ Month 1 pay basis
Directors special NIC provisions
Can be started midway through PAYE year

Automatic payroll run to print predetermined number of payslips, summaries etc.
Cash make-up calculation & report
Prints on your own cheques
Bank transfer instruction letter
BACS files for PC banking
P30 Tax & NIC payslip
Monthly or Quarterly tax payments
Automatic posting of data to Money Manager and CSV files for other accounting systems

Several payslip designs & colour schemes
Prints onto plain paper, 1, 2 or 3 per page
Optional print onto pre-printed stationery
Optional notes on payslip
Optional company logo on payslip
Optional holidays remaining on payslip
Print individually, by department, by pay frequency, all etc.
Print payslips for any previous period
Email payslips directly to employee / client (requires SMTP connection)

RTI submissions
HMRC PAYE recognised
Data validation before submission
P11D expenses & benefits
P46 (Car) notification
CIS 300 monthly returns
CIS subcontractor verification
Checks for outstanding submissions
Internet filing log complete with HMRC / IR mark
Print confirmation of successful transmission

Determines entitlement to Sick, Maternity, Paternity and Adoption pay from calendar
Calculation of SSP
Calculation of SMP, SPP, ShPP and SAP recovery and compensation
Small Employers Relief (SER)

P45 Employees Leaving
New employee form

Auto enrolment features
Employee Assessment for Auto Enrolment
Calculation of Qualifying Earnings
Upload files for NEST, NOW: Pensions, People’s Pension
Scottish Widows, Aviva, Royal London, PAPDIS and others
NEST Online Filing
Stakeholder pensions
Occupational pensions incl. AVCs
Employee and employer contributions entered as an amount or as a percentage
Employee communications (Letters)

Online verification of subcontractors
CIS300 Monthly Returns (online)
Hourly / daily pay
Cost of materials & VAT
CITB levy deductions
Subs, advance payments & retentions
Subcontractor payslips
Automatically generates Subcontractor Invoices
Subcontractor Monthly Payment Certificates

Any report can be exported as a PDF for e-mailing
Employer summaries for each period
Annual summary for each employee
Additions, deductions, hours worked etc.
Departmental analysis
Payroll Giving summary
Pension contribution summaries
Accounts reconciliation

On-screen forms have the same appearance as the official HMRC forms
P11 employee deductions working sheet
P32 employer deduction payment record
P60 employees end-of-year summary
P11D employee expenses & benefits
P11D(b) employer expenses & benefits return
P46 (Car) car change form
P45 employee leaving form
HMRC approved P60 for printing onto plain paper
HMRC approved P45 for printing onto plain paper

HMRC approved P60 for printing to plain paper

Records Agent details
Agent Internet Filing
Agent logo on employee payslips
Optional Text on payslips
Print payslips onto several types of stationery
PDF payslips
Can be started midway through PAYE year
Agent charges
Agent Invoice
Payslip Count
Pay Schedule
New Employee form
New Contractor form

Employee holiday fund
UK National holidays, works holidays
Remaining holiday entitlement calculator
User defined annual leave period

Records all P11D expenses & benefits
Calculates Class 1A NIC on benefits
Full car benefit calculations shown
P46-Car submissions online
P11d and P11d(b) submissions online
P11d printing to official forms and plain paper
Payrolling Benefits in Kind (PBIK)

Internal validation of all PAYE data
Optional password protection
Backup and restore facility
Export CSV files to accounts software

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