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Payroll Manager is used extensively by thousands of Agents, Accountants and Payroll Bureaux in the UK to process payroll on behalf of their clients. There are many reasons why Payroll Manager is their preferred payroll software, including price, simplicity, ease of use and useful specific agent features.

Great Value for Money

Payroll Manager is available in 2 agent versions – Payroll Manager 100, and Payroll Manager 250. Both versions will handle an unlimited number of clients, making them fantastic value for money.

Payroll Manager 100 has a limit of 100 employees / sub-contractors per company, and costs just £164 + VAT per year.
Payroll Manager 250 has a limit of 250 employees / sub-contractors per company, and costs just £246 + VAT per year.

There is no limit to the number of clients in either version.

Ease of Use

One of the main differences between Payroll Manager and most other payroll software packages is the way in which the pay information is entered and displayed. The main ‘Pay Details’ input screen displays information for the whole year, making it easy to move backwards or forwards between pay periods, print payslips and reports for previous weeks or months, and correct mistakes quickly and easily. The ‘Mid-Year-Start’ screen allows you to easily enter the year-to-date figures for clients that you take on mid way through the tax year.

RTI Batch Processing

All multi-company versions of Payroll Manager include the ‘RTI batch processor’ to help with the management of RTI submissions for multiple clients.

Extra Features

There are a number of extra features designed to assist in the processing of multiple client payrolls. These include the ability to produce payslips in a number of different layouts and formats (10 layouts, printable to plain paper, pre-printed forms and to PDF), agent invoicing and fee calculation facilities, and very simple year-end and online filing procedures to save time during busy periods. All versions of Payroll Manager can also file P11d and CIS returns online, and can calculate payroll for all previous years, going back to 1992/3.

Should you wish to check a figure then the ‘Click Here for Explanation’ button allows you to see the full workings behind each Tax, NIC and Statutory Pay calculation, so you can be confident that the result is correct before sending the payroll details to your client.

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