“I just have to say how much I love Payroll Manager 100. I use it as an agent and have several clients. It is so easy to use and straight forward. I have used [3 other major payroll software products] and have been very frustrated using them. Before RTI came in I liked how you could alter a previous month, which you can not do on the other software programs. You can still change data but with RTI it’s probably not a good idea. Being able to enter all the months to the year end to see how much Tax and NI will be paid for the year is a great feature that you don’t get on other packages. It is so easy to produce any report, even those relating to previous tax years. Entering data is so easy. The Calender is so easy to enter sicknesses, holidays, etc. I have had some real headaches with [other payroll software products]. I have always recommended Moneysoft to my friends, who have their own businesses, because of how easy it is to use and because it is not an extortionate price. Software updates are a breeze. I have never had any problems with an update or using the software. I would highly recommend Moneysoft Payroll Manager.”