“I had very little experience of payroll until I started in my new role in November. Previously my employer had operated a manual payroll system. As I am relatively familiar with general office software I was keen to move towards a software based payroll system and with RTI pending I was set to research a possible solution. We started with a one month free trial of Payroll Manager and I quickly found it to be quite intuitive, easily helping to fill the gaps in my own payroll knowledge. We went ‘live’ with the software in April 2013 to coincide with RTI. It’s ‘user defined additions’ function allowed for all the various commission and expense payments including taxable and non-taxable payments and was very easy to set up. Payslips are now produced in a fraction of the time and are more professional including all the key features as well as holidays taken and days remaining and even birthday messages. PAYE and RTI worked immediately without a hitch and report analysis is excellent. When I have had questions, the staff at Moneysoft have been very helpful and have quickly been able to resolve my queries. A good, cost effective solution to payroll. I have no hesitation in recommending it to any prospective new user.”