“Jenni my Accountant from JKAB (JK Accountancy & Bookkeeping) first introduced me to Moneysoft Payroll Manager. I have already thanked her for transforming my life and would now like thank Moneysoft in the same way. I have used a rival product for many years and grew tired of the repeated annual fees just to move and upgrade the program to the next Payroll year. We are a small family run business with just 6 employees. In the last few months we have had a staff member claim SSP and currently she is on Maternity Leave. I have no expertise in Payroll or the rules for SSP & SMP and probably like everybody else I was dreading the prospect of RTI submissions. Our very pregnant staff member naturally wanted to know exactly what payments she would be entitled to and started researching the subject and telling me what she expected to receive. I looked Maternity leave in the Moneysoft help pages and was amazed that based on expected birth dates and maternity leave start dates I could produce for her a full report stating exactly how much she would be paid and for how long the higher rates etc would apply. What a god send. Thank you for saving me so much time on every aspect of running my weekly Payroll and filing my P35 & RTI submissions, printing my weekly payslips, P60’s and P45’s on plain paper. Monthly payments due to HMRC net of SMP reliefs are a breeze. Especially after we have stopped paying staff in cash and now pay them via BACS. It is not really possible to calculate just how much time I have saved on Payroll activities as much of that time is time wasted trying to correct errors made previously. However, I know with Moneysoft mistakes just won’t be made in the first place and that for the first time ever my staff now have a proper contract of employment and we have a signed copies on file. The ‘To Do’ list item of many years ‘Employment Contracts’ has now finally been crossed out. Thankyou Jenni and thankyou Moneysoft for making a complex subject laden with legislation very easy and simple to manage and giving me more time to manage my own business.”