Moving Money Manager 7 to a new computer

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This guide gives details of how to move Money Manager 7 (Bookkeeping software) to a new computer. If you have arrived at this page by mistake, and wish to see details of how to move your Payroll Manager software to a new computer, then please refer to the guide Moving Payroll Manager to a new computer instead.

  • Get your data files from the old computer. Select ‘File-Utilities-Backup/Restore-Backup all Files in default folder‘ from the menu. If you already have a file open, then Money Manager will prompt you to close this first. You will then get a dialog that will let you chose where to save the files – browse to your chosen location – (be it a USB memory stick or whatever) and click ‘OK’. You will then see a message informing you that the backup(s) have been created.
  • Make a note of your User Licence Code. You can find this by clicking ‘Help – About Money Manager‘ from the main menu of Money Manager.
  • Install Money Manager on the new computer. To do this, go to the downloads page of our website, scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and click on the link markedĀ ‘Download’ beneath the ‘Money Manager’ heading. Follow the on-screen instructions. This will install Money Manager on the new computer.
  • Run the program on the new computer, and enter your current User Licence Code when asked to do so.
  • Put your device (e.g. memory stick, external hard drive) onto which you backed up your payroll files into the new computer. Select ‘File-Utilities-Backup/Restore-Restore Multiple Files‘ from the menu, and select the device. The available backup files will be shown. Click on one of them, then hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and press A (which will select all the files) and then click on the Restore button. A window will appear titled ‘Browse for folder’. Money Manager will automatically select the correct (default) folder for restoring files to. Click ‘OK’. to A message will confirm that the files have been restored. Click ‘OK’ gain to close the screen.
  • Click on File-Open and you should see all your files.
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