Real Time Information (RTI)

RTI (Real Time Information) is a new payroll reporting system which was introduced by HMRC in April 2013 and involves the submission of employee pay related information at the time of payment rather than at year end. HMRC’s principle aim of the move to RTI was to support the introduction of Universal Credits from October 2013.

Moneysoft has been working closely with HMRC on RTI – our Payroll Manager software is ‘RTI-ready‘, and is fully recognised by HMRC for the online submission of RTI returns. Please see our RTI FAQs for more information.

New Users

Please download a free trial of our Payroll Manager software and see for yourself how simple the program is to set up and use to process your RTI returns.


Moneysoft have developed additional ‘Agent’ features (e.g bulk-filing of RTI returns) which feature in the multi-company versions of our software (Payroll Manager 100 and Payroll Manager 250) designed to help with the management of the RTI process.

The RTI Batch Processor

This video shows you how the RTI batch processor will operate within Payroll Manager. This feature is designed to assist payroll agents & accountants with the management of their clients’ RTI submissions, and will be available in all multi-company versions of the software from April 2013.

(N.B. This feature is currently being tested by some of our users as part of the HMRC RTI pilot, so the appearance and wording on the final version may differ in some respects. More guidance on the use of the batch processor will be available following the pilot).

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