Software downloads

Payroll Manager - 20, 100 and 250

Payroll Manager Free Trial

Download a trial version of Payroll Manager. The trial runs for about a month and any data you create will be useable in the full version should you choose to continue.

Click the link below to download a free trial:

Payroll Manager FREE Trial

Payroll Manager Update

Download the latest Payroll Manager update. Your data will not be affected by the download.

Click the link below to download the update:

Payroll Manager Update 21-Dec-2016

Payroll Manager - Full Download

For downloading Payroll Manager for the first time or for installing on a new computer - requires a User Licence Code (ULC)

Click the link below to download Payroll Manager:

Payroll Manager

These links work for all current versions of Payroll Manager (i.e. Payroll Manager 20, 100 and 250)

Money Manager Bookkeeping Software

Click the relevant link below to download Money Manager Bookkeeping software.

Money Manager 7 - Free Trial

Money Manager 7 - Update

Money Manager 7 - New Installation


If you are having trouble downloading any of our programs, then please see our support pages for help.


If you should ever wish to uninstall either Payroll Manager or Money Manager from your system then you can do so by selecting 'uninstall' from the 'Programs and Features' section of your computer's Control Panel.

Transferring Payroll Manager to a new computer

If you wish to transfer your Payroll Manager software and data onto a new computer then please refer to our guide Moving to a new computer.

Downloading old, discontinued versions of our software

Licence holders of earlier versions of our software (e.g. Money Manager 2000, Office Manager 6) can download old versions here.