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Money Manager 7  

Money Manager is the most straightforward and effective software for managing your accounts, as over 100,000 UK and Worldwide users can testify.

Exceptional ease-of-use and flexibility make Money Manager ideal for a wide range of applications - small businesses, professionals, consultants, schools, churches, clubs, home accounts etc..

Our Money Manager program has been around in various versions since 1984 - the latest of these, Money Manager 7 was released in October 2011, (replacing previous versions) and is available in two editions, allowing you to choose the features that suit your needs:

Business Edition

Money Manager Business Edition is designed for small (and not-so-small) businesses and organisations, or individuals needing extended accounting facilities. It caters for VAT (including online-filing of quarterly VAT returns), credit sales and purchases, multiple currencies, merging different sets of accounts, etc.

Personal Edition

Money Manager Personal Edition is designed for private individuals, clubs & smaller organisations to keep track of their income and expenditure, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. Data from the Personal Edition can also be used with the Business Edition, so you can upgrade from one to the other if your needs change.

five stars "I don't know where I'd be without Money Manager - I use it every day and rely on it 100%".


Existing users of previous versions of Money Manager (e.g. Money Manager 6 / 2000) should see Upgrade Information for more details.