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NEW Guides for Workplace Pensions

  • We have added more guides on setting up Payroll Manager to use with particular pension schemes. We have also produced a guide to help when someone chooses to ‘Opt-out’ of the workplace pension scheme. See our Auto Enrolment support page for more details, or click ‘Pensions – Pensions Help Centre’ from the main menu in Payroll Manager.

NEW Features – Workplace pensions and Auto Enrolment:

  • We have added a ‘Staging Date’ button to the toolbar on the ‘Pensions – Assessment’ report. This button makes it easier to ensure that the correct pay period is being used for the first employee assessment.
  • The Pensions – Assessment’ report now has an additional ‘Pay Period’ column so that you can double-check which period is being assessed.

An easier way to access support

  • Please be aware that you can click ‘Pensions – Pensions Help Centre’ from the main menu within Payroll Manager to directly access information and guides on Workplace Pensions & Auto Enrolment.
  • You can also access the many other useful guides we have on general payroll procedures by clicking ‘Help – Online – Payroll Manager Support’ from the main menu within Payroll Manager.