Problems sending emails – Users of Avast and AVG antivirus software

A number of Payroll Manager users with either Avast or AVG antivirus software installed have been reporting recent problems when trying to send emails (payslips, P60 etc) through Payroll Manager.

It appears that this problem is due to an update within the antivirus software which causes it to ‘block’ outgoing SMTP email connections from Payroll Manager. You may then see a ‘ Could not connect to the email server ‘ type error message (or similar).

Avast and AVG antivirus software have features called ‘Mail Shield’, or ‘Email shield’ which are specific features designed to ‘scan’ (and then ‘block’) outgoing SMTP connections. Payroll Manager needs to establish an SMTP connection in order to send emails to your email server.

Some users have told us that by either turning off or modifying ‘Mail Shield’/’ Email Shield’ within their antivirus that the problem is resolved and they are then able to send emails.

Moneysoft are not able to advise exactly how to do this, but the links below should help. You specifically need to find out how to stop the scanning of outbound SMTP emails.

Avast Help – Mail Shield

AVG – Email Shield

If you require further help with this then please contact your antivirus software provider.



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