Problems Downloading Updates

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1. When installing / updating I get the error message “the setup files are corrupt” or “publisher cannot be verified”

This means that for some reason your browser has not downloaded the update correctly. You will need to download the update again. Before doing so it is best to delete the Temporary Internet Files from your computer, which will force your browser to download a ‘fresh’ copy of the update. If you are using Internet Explorer then follow these instructions:

  • Press ALT and T on the keyboard to bring up the Tools menu
  • Select Internet Options at the bottom – a box will appear. Look for a section labelled Browsing history and click the Delete button – another box will appear.
  • If the new box has tick-boxes down the left hand side tick the box for Temporary Internet Files and un-tick all the other boxes, then press the Delete button at the bottom.
  • If the box has buttons down the right hand side click the ‘Delete files’ button on the top right.

For most other browsers (eg Google Chrome, Firefox etc.), pressing CTRL and SHIFT and DELETE on the keyboard shows a box allowing you to delete files.

Whichever browser you are using, once you have deleted the Temporary Internet Files, close your browser and try the download again.

2. When installing / updating I get the Windows error message “Error Code 5: Access is denied”

This is a Windows error message, and can occur for a number of possible reasons – try each of the following steps in order until the update is successful:

    • Shut down and restart your computer. After restarting do not run Payroll Manager, but instead go to our website ( and click on ‘Downloads’ from the main menu. Click on the link in the centre column of the downloads page that reads ‘Payroll Manager (update dd-mmm-yy)’ and follow the on-screen instructions to update the software.
    • If you are not logged in to your computer as an administrator then Windows does not allow you to modify / install software in the Program Files of your computer. Check your User Account Settings within the Control Panel of your computer, or contact your network administrator if you are using the software over a network.
  • Your antivirus / firewall software may be blocking the update, in which case consult the documentation that comes with these programs.

3. After clicking to download the latest update I get a message which says “cannot find url” – or “error downloading url” (or similar)

It is possible that your Firewall / Antivirus software is blocking the program from accessing our website to download the update. Close down all programs that are running and then try downloading the update from our downloads page.


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