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If you need to print payslips for more than one period at a time (e.g perhaps an employee has requested historical payslips for a mortgage application) then you can do this from the ‘Tools‘ menu in Payroll Manager.

  1. Click ‘Tools‘ from the main menu, then select ‘Print Payslips for more than one pay period‘ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the relevant employee(s) and click ‘OK
  3. Payslips for the whole year will be shown on the screen. Click on the ‘Date range‘ button at the top of the report to specify the range of dates you would like payslips for.

If you wish to produce payslips for a previous tax year you will need to open the relevant payroll file for that particular year. Click ‘File‘ from the main menu and then ‘Open‘ in order to select the relevant file.

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