Online Filing Questions

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1. I get the message “‘Connection to the Government Gateway is being blocked by some other software (e.g. a firewall)” when attempting to file any return

This message means that Payroll Manager is attempting to connect to the government gateway to file your submission, but it is being prevented / blocked from doing so by something on your computer.

The first thing to check is your firewall. Firewall software updates itself on a regular basis, and it is possible that your firewall will happily allow you to connect to the internet via your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.) but for some reason is now choosing to block Payroll Manager from doing so.



2. I get the message “The Government Gateway has reported that the ID or password are incorrect”

This message means that Payroll Manager has passed your online filing User ID and password to the Government Gateway, and that the Gateway is reporting back that one or more of these items is incorrect (unfortunately, they do not say which one is incorrect).

The first thing to do is to check that you have entered these details correctly. From the main menu in Payroll Manager click ‘Tools-Online Filing-IDs & Passwords‘. It is worth removing and then re-entering both the ID and the password. Please note that the Government Gateway limits your password to 12 characters, so if your password is longer then it is actually invalid. In such cases it is worth entering just the first 12 characters of your password and trying again.

Please note that Moneysoft have no idea what your User ID and password should be, and as such, it is not Payroll Manager that is rejecting them! If you are still having problems it is worth trying to log into the Government Gateway website to see if your credentials are accepted there, before contacting HMRC.


3.How can I check which returns have been filed?

Click ‘Tools-Online Filing-Submission log‘. Here you will find details of all submissions made in the tax year (FPS, EPS etc.)

See also: HMRC Service Issues. Details of any HMRC service issues which may be affecting your submission

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