Norton ‘Data Protector’ preventing files from updating

June 2022:

Some Payroll Manager users have reported that their Norton Antivirus software has started to block Payroll Manager from saving data. You may only become aware of this when running your payroll and noticing that work that you had done previously (e.g. filing RTI returns, entering pay etc.) has not been saved.

By default, Payroll Manager stores its data in a folder called ‘Payroll’ in your ‘Documents’ folder. It would appear that for whatever reason, Norton is blocking data from being saved to that location, which causes the problem.

If you have Norton Antivirus installed on your computer and are experiencing similar problems then please follow the link to the relevant Norton help page below. This shows you how to remove a folder (e.g. the ‘Payroll’ folder) from Norton ‘Data Protector’, which should resolve the issue.

Configure Data Protector to block malicious processes affecting your PC (

If you have any questions/queries regarding this then please contact Norton for advice.


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