Money Manager Licences and User Licence Codes

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Details of how to buy a Money Manager licence, together with prices and upgrade information can be found on our Money Manager pages.


Other FAQs

1. I wish to upgrade to Money Manager 7 – how do I find the User Licence Code (ULC) from my previous version of Money Manager?

Your ULC can be found by clicking ‘Help-System Info‘ from the main menu in Money Manager. Money Manager 6 and Money Manager 2000 have licence codes ending in the letter ‘U’ (business editions) or ‘W’ (personal editions). Ignore any characters after this, such as ‘(MM)’, which does not form part of the ULC.

Older versions, such as Money Manager 5 do NOT qualify for the upgrade offer.


2. I have been using a trial version of Money Manager 7 and have just purchased a licence – how do I enter my new User Licence Code (ULC)?

Click ‘Help-About Money Manager-Enter a new User Licence Code‘ -and enter your ULC in the box.


3. The program tells me that my licence code is invalid.

Check that you are actually using the correct ULC for the correct program. Money Manager 7 ULCs end with the letter ‘K’ (Business Edition) or ‘J’ (Personal Edition). Money Manager 2000 / Money Manager 6 ULCs end with the letter ‘U’ (Business Edition) or ‘W’ (Personal Edition). A ULC for one version of Money Manager is not valid for another version of Money Manager.

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