Minimum Wage and National Living Wage

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The new ‘National Living Wage’ was introduced in April 2016 and applies to workers aged 25 and over. The existing ‘Minimum Wage’ legislation will still apply to workers aged 24 and under. Further information about the actual rules and rates of pay can be found from the links at the bottom of this page.

Payroll Manager is not able to determine whether or not an employee is being paid at the correct rate, but does contain features which can help with the administration of the National Living Wage / Minimum Wage.


Age warnings and Age display

You can if you wish apply settings in Payroll Manager which will allow you to see the age of an employee at any particular pay period within the year, and also have Payroll Manager display a red warning message when an employee reaches one of the age thresholds relevant to the National Living / Minimum wage.

  • To apply these settings click ‘Employer’ then ‘Employer Details’ from main menu in Payroll Manager.


  • Tick the boxes at the bottom marked ‘Show minimum wage warnings on the Pay Details screen’ and ‘Show age on the hourly tab of the Pay Details screen’, then click ‘OK’.

With these settings in place Payroll Manager will produce a red warning message at the bottom of the Pay Details screen when an employee reaches one of the age thresholds for the National Living / Minimum wage. In the example below, the employee reaches the age of 25 in week 35, triggering Payroll Manager to generate the appropriate message. The Payroll Manager user should ensure at this point that the employee is being paid at a rate which complies with the National Living Wage legislation.


National Minimum wage and Living wage rates

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