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1. I have just installed Money Manager 7 – how do I load data from my previous version of Money Manager?

If you install Money Manager 7 on a computer that has a previous version of Money Manager already installed ( e.g. MM6 then the installation process should automatically offer to copy your data files for you. Clicking on ‘File-Open‘ within MM7 should then show a list of these files.

If this isn’t the case then you will need to manually copy your files from one location or computer to the other.

  • The default location for data files in Money Manager 7 is a folder called ‘Money‘ in the users ‘documents’ or ‘my documents’ folder (e.g. C:\Users\User\Documents\Money)
  • Your ‘old’ data files are likely to be in a folder called ‘Money’ on the ‘C’ drive of your computer (e.g. C:\Money)
  • Money Manager 6 / Money Manager 2000 data files have a file extension of .mm6.
  • Copy these files into the ‘..\Documents\Money’ folder


2. I have Money Manager 7 – how do I back up my data?

Click ‘File-Utilities-Backup/Restore‘ – you will then see a number of options, including:

  • ‘Save Backup’ – saves a copy of the currently open data file.
  • ‘Backup multiple files’ – allows you to choose any number of files to backup in one go
  • ‘Backup all files in default folder’ – backs-up all Money Manager data files that are in the default folder (usually C:\Users\User\Documents\Money).

Each of these options then asks you where you wish to save the file – you can choose any available location, such as a memory stick, external hard drive etc.

There is a setting within Money Manager which automatically adds the date to the filename when you create a backup. To turn this feature on, click ‘Tools-Program Setup‘ and tick the box marked ‘Add date to backup file names‘.


3. I have Money Manager 7 – how do I create a file for the next year?

Click ‘Tools-Financial Year Setup‘. Here you will find a number of options regarding creating and archiving files. We would recommend that you click on the ‘Help‘ button on this screen to see details of each option before proceeding.


4. I have Money Manager 7 and wish to copy the program and all of my data onto a new computer

First install Money Manager 7 onto the new computer from the downloads page of our website. Then make a backup of your data from the original computer by clicking ‘File-Utilities-Backup/Restore-Backup All File in Default Folder‘ (You could choose to save the backup to a memory stick, external hard drive or similar). Then restore the data on the new computer by clicking ‘File-Utilities-Backup/Restore-Restore Multiple Files‘.

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