Payroll - Handy Tips


Adding Notes to a payslip

On some occasions you may wish to add notes to an employee's payslip (e.g. to inform them of a pay rise, Christmas holiday dates etc..). Notes can be added to any 'Moneysoft' layout of payslip by following the steps below:

NOTE - Only the following layouts allow the use of payslip notes: - Moneysoft DL (3 per page), Moneysoft A5 (2 per page), Moneysoft Hand Seal Mailer, Moneysoft Machine Seal Mailer.

Employee Details Sort Options

Payroll Manager allows you to sort your employees several different ways to help make viewing employee details or administering your payroll easier. This can be used in conjunction with the Employee Selection Options (tip below) in the Pay Details screen to help navigate faster.

From the Main Menu, click on 'Employees - Employee Details'. At the bottom of this screen there is a 'Sort' button - click on this to see the different options available.

Sort employees

The list of employees on the left had pane of the Employee Details screen will be sorted accordingly. This action also sorts the order of employees on the Pay Details screen.

Employee Selection Options

If you wish to select a particular employee on the Pay Details screen without having to scroll through each employee then click on the Select employee button on the Pay Details toolbar. You can then quickly select an employee by name to access their pay details, or select an employee according to their Department, Pay Frequency, Pay Method or Delivery Method.

Select employee

Employer Notes

If you would like to add a note to a particular pay period, for instance if a mistake had been made in the payroll and you wish to keep a record of it, then you can use the Employer Notes function in Payroll Manager.

There are 3 ways to access Employer Notes, each way shows the same information.

Select the appropriate pay period and type in the appropriate note. Employer Notes

The 'Print' button at the bottom of the window produces a report that can be printed, emailed or saved as a PDF as per any other report.

Employer notes will appear at the bottom of the relevant 'Employers Summary for Tax Period'.

Employers Summary Notes

'File - Open' Display Options

By default the 'File Open' screen shows the Employer Name and year. It is possible to show more detail on this screen (such as PAYE reference, next RTI filing date etc.) which you may find useful if you process the payroll for a number of companies.

Printing payslips for more than one pay period

On some occasions you may wish to print payslips for more than one pay period at a time (e.g. an employee may request copies of past payslips for a mortgage application).