Resubmitting the final EPS after sending YEA-FPS

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On some occasions you may need to resubmit your final EPS for the year – e.g.. if you have made changes to your payroll that have affected parenting pay (SMP, SAP, SPP etc) and have then filed a YEA-FPS to report these changes to HMRC. The EPS allows the employer to claim the recovery on these items of statutory pay.

  • Make sure that you have the correct file open on the screen. Click ‘File’ then ‘Open’ from the main menu if you need to select a different year.
  • Click ‘Tools’ then ‘Online Filing’ and then ‘IDs & Passwords’ from the main menu, and tick the box marked ‘Temporarily allow submissions to be re-sent’. Click ‘OK’.

allow resubmit

  • Click ‘Pay’ then ‘Employer’s RTI Schedule’ from the main menu, then click on the ‘View’ button to display the final declaration EPS

RTI schedule EPS

  • Details of the EPS are shown on the report. You should check that the Year-to-date parenting pay figures are correct before clicking on the bar along the top marked ‘click here to re-submit’.


  • Payroll Manager will submit the EPS in the usual way. You should then check for the HMRC response to verify that the submission was successful.


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