Problems when sending emails from Payroll Manager using Gmail

If you are having problems when attempting to send emails from Payroll Manager using a Gmail account, then this may be due to Google blocking Payroll Manager from accessing your email server.

It is possible to change your Google settings to allow what Google refer to as ‘less secure apps’ to access their email servers, or if your Google account has ‘2-Step Verification’ turned on, then you may be able to use what Google call an ‘App Password’ in place of your regular password.

Update 9 December 2021: It would appear that Gmail has updated/reset some of its users security settings recently, so even if you have previously followed the advice on the links below regarding ‘App Passwords’ and ‘Less secure Apps’ you may need to repeat these processes if you are getting a ‘cannot connect to email server’ message when attempting to send emails via Payroll Manager.

Please see the following Google support pages for further details.

Google – Less Secure Apps

Google – App Passwords

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