Moneysoft output file for users to deliver payslips and reports online via PayDashboard. 

Moneysoft Payroll Manager currently offers users the ability to print or email payslips, with the option to add password protection (which helps to fulfill GDPR obligations). Recently, some of our customers have suggested to us that they would like to consider moving their payslip delivery online via secure web portals.

With this in mind, Moneysoft have created an output file compatible with PayDashboard (a third-party online payslip provider) so that Moneysoft clients who want to deliver their payslips online have the facility to do so. PayDashboard also offers additional functionality for accountants and payroll bureaux to deliver their payroll reports to clients online via the PayDashboard portal.

This is a paid-for service offered and administered by PayDashboard, and Moneysoft users that wish to find out more should contact PayDashboard  for more information on pricing and availability.